Event News Press Release 26 June 2024

PT Geo Dipa Energi Hosts Vendor Day 2024: Empowering Partnership, Delivering Excellence

Vendor Day 2024 Geo Dipa Energi
Jakarta, 26 June 2024
– PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero) held its annual Vendor Day event under the theme “Empowering Partnership, Delivering Excellence” on Wednesday (26/6). The event, held at the Grand Ballroom, JS Luwansa Hotel, South Jakarta, was a form of Geo Dipa’s appreciation for the dedication and commitment of its vendors in supporting the company’s operations and growth.

More than just a ceremonial event, Vendor Day 2024 was a strategic platform to strengthen Geo Dipa’s synergy with its partners. In his speech, Director of Finance, Risk Management and General Affairs, Hanif Osman, emphasized the importance of maintaining the integrity of the relationship between Geo Dipa and its vendors. One of the efforts made is the transformation of procurement into Supply Chain Management, “This transformation is not just a change of name, but also a fundamental change in the procurement process and digitization, from the beginning of procurement to the invoicing process at the end.”

Furthermore, Hanif Osman also conveyed that Vendor Day is an opportunity to expand and multiply promising projects in the future. This is considering that GeoDipa has various development plans both from electricity utilization and beyond electricity. Hanif ensures that GeoDipa is committed to establishing close strategic partnerships with its partners so that all pipelines can be carried out smoothly.

Integrity and Innovation are the Main Focus

President Director of PT Geo Dipa, Yudistian Yunis, on the same occasion emphasized the important role of vendors as Geo Dipa’s partners in carrying out the tasks assigned by the government, “As we embark on our ambitious journey to revolutionize Indonesia’s energy landscape, we realize that collaboration is the key to unlocking our full potential.”

Yudis emphasized the Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) owned by Geo Dipa. He also urged business partners to immediately report if they find bribery practices in the company.

Vendor Day 2024: Proof of Geo Dipa’s Commitment to Progress Together

Vendor Day 2024 is a testament to Geo Dipa’s commitment to strengthening partnerships with vendors and achieving excellence together. With strong synergy and collaboration, Geo Dipa is confident that it can continue to grow and contribute to the nation’s progress.