PT Geo Dipa Energi (Persero)

Lighting the Future with Renewable Energy

With in-depth exploration of the potential and advantages of geothermal energy as a power source, GeoDipa Energi is leading the way towards environmentally friendly power generation as the primary choice in Indonesia.

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Why Geothermal Energy is a Great Choice for Eco-Friendly Power

Geothermal energy is a clean and renewable source that we can use to generate power. The government aims for 23% of our energy to come from renewable sources by 2025 and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060.

01 No Pollution: Geothermal power plants don't produce any pollution, helping to fight climate change.

02 Low Maintenance Costs: Geothermal facilities are cost-effective to maintain, saving us money in the long run.

03 Endless Renewable Energy: Geothermal energy is an everlasting source, ensuring we have a stable energy supply for the future.

04 Efficient Use of Land: Geothermal facilities take up less space, making better use of our land.

GeoDipa's Plans for a Better Future by 2045 Megatrend

We're working hard to make positive and lasting changes, aiming to create a future that's good for both the environment and our communities.

Smart Ideas for a Greener Tomorrow

GeoDipa loves coming up with new and sustainable ideas. We're creating eco-friendly technology to help switch to clean energy.

Making Communities Happier

We care a lot about the people in our local communities. GeoDipa is here to bring economic benefits, education, and training to make their lives better.

Taking Care of Resources

We promise to manage our resources responsibly. We keep an eye on and fix any problems we might cause to water, soil, and air in the places where we work.

Geothermal Energy's Role in Reaching Net Zero Emissions (NZE)

Heart of Indonesia

Did you know? 40% of the world's geothermal resources are right here in Indonesia!

Powering Up Our Future

The electricity we use in Indonesia is a big player in reaching our goal of Net Zero Emissions (NZE).

Growing Strong, Going Green

Building a strong and sustainable economy is super important for our safety and energy independence goals.

Mapping GDE Projects Nationwide in Indonesia

GeoDipa's Role as a State-Owned Enterprise (SEO) and Special Mission Vehicle (SMV).

State-Owned Enterprise (SEO)

  • Acceleration of Indonesia’s Geothermal Development
    • Exploitation acceleration, through self-development and synergy of SOEs, and partnerships with the private sector.
    • Exploration acceleration for GDE-assigned WKP and GDE-owned WKP.
  • Government Assignment to enable less-attractive projects
    • As a Government safety net, in terms of readiness to obtain new/continued business assignments in other WKPs that other Business Entities are not interested in.
    • i.e. Candradimuka, Arjuno Welirang, Candi Umbul Telomoyo.

Special Mission Vehicle (SMV)

Government Assignment on Exploration De-risking
  • Government may assign GDE to carry out exploration de-risking on behalf of Government, through synergy with other SMVs under MoF. i.e. Government Drilling and GREM/PISP.
Direct Beneficiary of Fiscal Incentives
  • GDE utilizes fiscal facilities and incentives available by MoF, also any new policy/facilities introduced by MoF.
  • i.e. Government Guarantee, Geothermal Exploration Funds (PISP & GREM), etc.
Fiscal Policy Assistance
  • As the Government's main partner in preparing policy breakthroughs in geothermal-related policy-making.
  • i.e. GDE assisting MoF.

Sustainable Business Strategy

Sinergi People

  1. The company creates positive synergies with the surrounding community and existing stakeholders.
  2. Raising awareness for workers, laborers, and the community.

Sinergi Planet

  1. Creating a business that is in harmony with nature and minimizing negative impacts on the environment as well as preserving nature such as preventing floods, land fires and climate change.

Sinergi Profit

  1. By running a business process based on environmental preservation and the harmony of social aspects, GeoDipa can run a sustainable business.

Positive Impacts of GeoDipa Project on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

The impact of geothermal projects on economic development through sustainable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices.

Lingkungan (Environmental)

GeoDipa Energi actively ensures compliance with Indonesia's environmental regulations, mitigates natural risks, and promotes sustainability through geothermal energy.

Sosial (Social)

GeoDipa Energi prioritizes HSE enhancements, accident prevention, collaboration with NGOs, and addresses challenges such as crime risks and water scarcity.

Tata Kelola (Governance)

In governance, GeoDipa Energi focuses on adhering to PP 50/2012 and Ministerial Regulation KLHK1/2021, placing a high priority on managing risks associated with fraud, bribery, and violations.